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Our strength at KCH comes from our talent.
Empathetic, Focused and Creative Talents

Firstly, a caring and trusting heart


Quick and flexible response to change


Breaking conventional wisdom and pioneering new horizons

Power to think outside the box

Core values that are implemented by employees at KCH

  • Flexibility
    Isn't this obvious?

    It shouldn’t be obvious. Your methods and what you have achieved so far may not be the answer now.
    Constantly ask yourself, “Why?” Always embrace decisions and seek change.

  • Trust
    Of course, I'm right

    The thought that your colleague could be correct and you be wrong.
    You can find a better answer if you trust each other, even during a fierce debate.
    If you have chosen a direction, trust your decision and do your best even if it is different from what you thought before.
    You can go fast when you are alone, but with others help you can go farther.

  • Focus
    You must work longer hours to succeed

    You don't necessarily get good results by sitting at a desk for a long time.
    The important thing is how focused and immersed you are.
    Ask yourself, "Why do I do this?" Always think, question, and act because it is something you want to do.

  • Creativity
    It's dangerous to take the roads untraveled

    Ships are safest in the harbor, but ships that remain in the harbor have no reasons to exist.
    Creativity begins with reckless thinking.
    If you are afraid of the waves, you must get off the ship. We take the path of challenges at KCH.

  • Empathy
    What's wrong with this person?

    Why are relationships with people difficult? Because we can't relate to each other.
    Recognizing different environments and values, and approaching each other from the other person's perspective.
    This is how you empathize with people.