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Identifying Mark / Symbol

The identifying mark / symbol of KCH contains the wishes of the company to create cleaner earth through harmony between nature and people.
The sky blue of the identifying mark /symbol represents the clear sky and the cool blue represents the blue sea.

Identifying Mark / Symbol (Minimum Size)
Identifying Mark / Symbol Minimum Space Regulations and Grid System

Minimum space must be secured for accurate use of the identifying mark / symbol and prevention of deformation.
Minimum space should be secured as follows to use the brand identity correctly, as well as to publish and develop products.
The identifying mark / symbol should be directly proportional when expanding or reducing the size.

Minimum Space Regulation
Grid System
Logo Type

The logotype for KCH was developed considering the balanced elements of the identifying mark / symbol. The identifying mark / symbol and the logo must be integrated for use.
It is developed to be used flexibly in various business areas, and the interval between symbols and logos must remain the same, and can never be modified and used.

Logo Type
Grid System
Signature Combination by Brand
  • KCH Energy
  • KCH Shipping
  • KCH Industry Development
  • KCH Smart Farm
  • KCH Solar City
  • KCH Solar Energy