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Beyond Location, Beyond Generations
From residential and commercial complexes to state-of-the-art offices,
we are leading the real estate development business.
KCH Real Estate

KCH Industrial Development was established in 2002 and successfully implemented real estate development projects such as
'Santeville Complex Building in Seongwon, Garak-dong' and 'Namsan Trapalace Complex Building'.
These achievements became a foundation for the growth engine of KCH Group.

Real Estate Development Business

From location selection to design and licensing, as well as real estate finance,
construction and operation management, we have developed extensive know-how in comprehensive real estate development.

  • Site

    Planning, preliminary
    feasibility analysis
    Locate and Secure Sites

  • Market

    Development environment analysis
    Analysis of demand and supply characteristics
    Analysis of relevant laws and policies

  • Business

    Review of basic project plans
    and project feasibility
    Establishment of business plans
    and processes
    Business entity and
    organizational structure

  • Design/

    Review of design and licensing
    Establishment of product plans and
    review of business participation conditions
    Review of project budget adequacy
    Overall licensing practices

  • Real Estate

    Project structuring
    Establishment of PFV,
    selection of construction company,
    external financing

  • Construction and Management

    Project cost execution management
    Business cost management
    Process and progress management
    Civil affair management

  • Operation and Management

    Establishment and execution
    of activation strategy
    Establishment and execution
    of sales strategy

project 01
Myeong-Dong District 2

We are planning to introduce a state-of-the-art office where history and culture coexist in Korea's largest business district.

  • Site Location

    163'-3, Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

  • Site Area


  • Building Area

    High-rise parts
    (6th floor or more, 20m or more) 1,618.04㎡
    Low-rise parts
    (5th floor or less, 20m or less) 1,978.87㎡

  • Floor Area / Room Size


  • Floors

    a building with 20 stories (above ground) and 7 underground levels

  • Projected Height

    89.9 m

  • Excavation Depth

    31.9 m

project 02
Namsan Trapalace

The advantages of having a view that accentuates both the naturistic and the urban area around Namsan have determined its success.

  • Site Location

    30 Sowol-ro 2-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

  • Site Area


  • Building Area


  • Floor Area / Room Size


  • Floors

    the two office buildings with 37 stories (above ground) and 6 underground levels for 136 households in an apartment building

  • Construction Company

    Samsung C&T

project 03
Santeville at Garak-dong

Together with being a landmark of Garak-dong, it has created a new lifestyle for residents with various amenities.

  • Site Location

    27, Songpa-daero 28-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul

  • Site Area


  • Building Area


  • Floor Area / Room Size


  • Floors

    the two buildings with 24 stories (above ground) and 4 underground levels for 324 households in an apartment building

project 04
Mongolia Yarmag

We have implemented a development project in Mongolia considering the local characteristics based on the know-how we have gathered from our success in Korea, and are close to obtaining tangible results overseas.

  • Site Location

    a building next to the Puma Corporation center, Yarmak Region, Hang-Ool Zone

  • Site Area


  • Floor Area / Room Size


  • Floors

    Plans for 2,870 households in 15 apartment buildings with 9~17 stories (above ground) and 1~2 underground levels)