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Global NO.1 Resource Trader
Our differentiated competitiveness contributes to stable energy supply and demand.
KCH Energy

KCH Energy first supplied Indonesian coal for power generation to Korea Midland Power in 2008 and has grown into the number one supply company in the industry in Korea.
We have also purchased coal from other countries such as Australia and South Africa and have also sold to other countries like China and India, expanding our business as global traders.

Core Competitiveness

KCH Energy continues to secure competitiveness in the global market as the No.1 trader in Korea and is
becoming a leader in the supply of eco-friendly energy resources.
In line with the fine dust reduction policy in Korea, we are taking the initiative in improving the atmospheric environment by
supplying coal with an average sulfur content of less than 0.3% to domestic power generators, meeting the needs of
domestic power plants as they need to purchase coal with sulfur content of less than 0.4%.
KCH Energy will create businesses that promote the global trend of carbon neutrality and greenhouse gas reduction and
expand into low carbon eco-friendly resource businesses such as LNG.

  • No. 1 market share in import of
    Indonesian bituminous coal

    Secured stable purchasing
    channels by signing contracts with
    major mines in Indonesia

  • Long-term contracts with
    power generators

    Long-term contracts with
    power generators enabled
    stable supply

  • Obtained
    largest market share

    Secured the highest market
    share among Korean suppliers
    (Indonesian coal: 17.9%)

  • Supplied low sulfur

    Reduction of fine dust
    Improvement in
    atmospheric environment

Annual Delivery Performance of Bituminous Coal (Sales, Volume)
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