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Beyond Innovation, Beyond Expectation
Welcome to KCH.
is a Global Energy
and Infrastructure Group
of Companies.
Thank you for your interest in
KCH, a global leader that started
from the basics.

Since its establishment in 1995, KCH has challenged in new areas with
active innovation and bold investment, not being intimidated by
the ever-changing environment. It has also grown into a leading company in
the industry through differentiated strategies and strong execution ability in
every field it entered.

  • A Culture of Growing Together

    The corporate culture at KCH is the driving force behind its continuous competitive advantage, created by the executives and employees based on empathy and creativity. All members take pride in their work, creating steady results by pursuing the core values of KCH together and fostering mutual development.

  • Principle of Growing Global Values

    KCH goes beyond its growth and fulfills its social responsibility through sustainable management that aims to create a better world. KCH is built on values of good faith and co-prosperity, and we would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported our journey to this day. We ask for your continued interest and encouragement for KCH, as we seek to improve energy on a global scale.

CEO Kim Chang Hwi