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Energy of Challenge, KCH
An energy leader challenging for a better world
  • KCH’s Challenge

    The history of KCH is full of uncomplacent challenges.
    KCH started as an agricultural and fishery distribution mart in 1995 and
    has achieved remarkable growth in the real estate development
    business since establishing KCH Industrial Development in 2002.

  • Growth

    KCH entered the coal market in 2007 with the goal of 'contributing to
    the energy industry essential to human life,' and established
    a global network in a short period of time as the No. 1 trader in
    the domestic supply of bituminous coal.

  • A leading eco-friendly
    energy company

    KCH is taking a step further to challenge in the renewable energy sector.
    It has transformed into a pioneering company of the renewable energy sector
    through projects such as constructing the world's largest solar ESS power plant.
    KCH is building a dream of future energy for a better world.

Organizational Chart